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The Current State of Ethereum Mining Pools
1060 mining optimizer

yescrypt hash,The Current State of Ethereum Mining Pools

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Having competition among pools is always a good thing for the miners and as more ining pools for Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) coins have appeared recently things have started to move at a more serious pace. We now have multiple big pools as an alternative to ethpool, the first mining pool that was available for mining Ether coins and it seems that more are appearing such as the new CoinMine ETH pool that was just launched. The new ETH mining pool from CoinMine is based on the familiar interface that MPOS uses, similar to the Suprnova pool, so you might want to check it out, but be aware that since it is a new pool there are not much miners initially and solving blocks can take up some time. Other older pools were busy lately adding new features such as hashrate graphs, support for workers, API, earning estimates and so on… not to mention that pool fees were reduced as well as withdraws for the miner coins were reduced as a minimum and transaction fees were lowered. Below you can find a list of the available pools listed based on the total hashrate they currently have:

– www.coinotron.com ~116 GHS– eth.nanopool.org ~95.8 GHS– dwarfpool.com/eth ~90 GHS– www2.coinmine.pl/eth/ ~44 GHS– eth.suprnova.cc ~41.9 GHS– ethpool.org ~37.9 GHS– eth.pp.ua ~13 GHS– ethereumpool.co ~13 GHS– weipool.org ~0.9 GHS– talkether.org ~0.7 GHS– ethpool.utocat.com ~0.05 GHS