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Is Bitcoin Heading to a Price of $400 USD
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what coins are part of the metaverse,Is Bitcoin Heading to a Price of $400 USD

Time:2022-09-24 23:23:52Read:7516


Lately we’ve seen the exchange price of Bitcoin exploding and yet again the driving force behind the serious spike seem to be the big number of Chinese people investing into BTC. While on the western Bitcoin exchanges the price is trying to reach a new high of about $380 USD per Bitcoin, we are seeing that the big Chinese exchanges are already very close to $400 USD. This simply means that other exchanges will most likely follow and we may even reach $400 USD exchange rate even later today and it might not be the end of the price increase. So you might want to keep a close eye on what is happening with the price of Bitcoin and take advantage of the best moment to sell some coins…