1060 mining optimizer

Burst Crypto Currency with New Proof Of Capacity HDD Mining
1060 mining optimizer

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Mining with your CPU or GPU is so old-school now that you can use your hard drive to mine with, or so it may seem with the new Burst crypto currency that uses a new algorithm for proof of HDD capacity (POC) mining. Miners pre-generate chunks of data known as ‘plots’ which are then saved to disk. The number of plots you store is effectively your mining speed. Every block the miner will skim through the saved plots, and come up with an amount of time until it is able to mine a block if another block hasn’t yet been found. After reading through the plots is complete, your hardware can idle until the block. It seems quite interesting and that is why we have decided to give it a try…

We should start with the fact that the Burst wallet is web based and relies on Java, the same goes for the miner that is also Java-based, but that should not be a problem if you are familiar with Java. The setup and mining documentation is a bit vague and definitely not easy to understand and follow by novice users, furthermore you need to edit BAT/SH files with parameters that are not well documented and you need to look on forums for help. The coin needs a lot of HDD space, we are talking about 100s of GBs and it takes a lot of time for the plots to be initially generated and by lot we mean 12-24 hours, depending on your hard drive and system configuration. When you start to mine you are essentially solo mining, though apparently a beta pool support (also not well documented) is already available and already for more that 24 hours of solo mining we still haven’t found a block. In short – an interesting concept, needs to be made more user friendly and easy to be used, better documented so that you know how to optimize things for best performance… still you might want to check Burst out.

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